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Rick Poynor
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Blog Archive: November 2010

Rick Poynor is a writer, critic, lecturer and curator, specialising in design, media, photography and visual culture. He founded Eye, co-founded Design Observer, and contributes columns to Eye and Print. His latest book is Uncanny: Surrealism and Graphic Design.

Recent Essay

Exposure: Man with a Bandaged Head

The aftermath of extreme weather

Recent Book

Uncanny Surrealism and Graphic Design
Uncanny: Surrealism and Graphic Design
Rick Poynor
Moravian Gallery, 2010
More books by Rick Poynor >>

Design Observer Essays


Exposure: Portrait of Space by Lee Miller

Frames within frames in the desert


Exposure: H.P. Lovecraft by Lucius B. Truesdell

The master of horror


Exposure: Morandi’s Objects by Joel Meyerowitz

The sublime in ordinary things


Exposure: Tilda Swinton by Tim Walker

The performance of a picture


Exposure: American Hermit by Alec Soth

Alone in the great outdoors


10.13.15: Exposure: Pirelli Calendar Model by Peter Lindbergh
10.06.15: Exposure: Kreuzberg Tower in Berlin by Hélène Binet
09.29.15: Exposure: Marlene Dietrich Billboard by Brassaï
09.22.15: Exposure: Crashed Car by Arnold Odermatt
09.15.15: Exposure: Grace Jones by Jean-Paul Goude
09.08.15: Exposure: Beauty Salon in Kraków by David Hlynsky
09.01.15: Exposure: Crime Scene in Paris by Alphonse Bertillon
08.25.15: Exposure: Children at Play in the City by Shirley Baker
08.18.15: Exposure: Rossellini and Lynch by Helmut Newton
08.11.15: Exposure: Woman Mailing a Letter by Clifton R. Adams
08.04.15: Exposure: James Nachtwey by Antonin Kratochvil
07.28.15: Exposure: Dysturb poster in Paris by Jeanne Frank
07.21.15: Exposure: American Family by Ralph Eugene Meatyard
07.14.15: Exposure: Bookstore in Barcelona by Gabriel Casas
07.07.15: Exposure: Invisible Man by Gordon Parks
06.30.15: Exposure: Kuwait, 1991 by Sophie Ristelhueber
06.23.15: Exposure: Newport Baths by Max Dupain
06.16.15: Exposure: The Eiffel Tower by Germaine Krull
06.09.15: Exposure: Reem-B Robot by Vincent Fournier
06.02.15: Exposure: Salvation Army Barracks by Jack London
05.26.15: Exposure: Flypaper and Flies by Jacques-André Boiffard
05.19.15: Exposure: The Gamble by Peter Kennard
05.12.15: Exposure: Pages from Fabrik by Jak Tuggener
05.05.15: Exposure: Head below Wires by Roger Ballen
04.28.15: Exposure: Surface Transit by Eva Fuka
04.21.15: Exposure: Rue du Temple, Paris by Gail Albert Halaban
04.14.15: Exposure: J.G. Ballard by Brian Griffin
04.07.15: Exposure: Brodsky, the Tie Seller in Paris
03.31.15: Exposure: Lens bookshop in Sutton by Lloyd Rich
03.24.15: Exposure: Luigi Russolo’s Noise Machines
03.17.15: Exposure: Butlin’s holiday camp by Edmund Nägele
03.10.15: Exposure: Cat and I by Wanda Wulz
03.03.15: Exposure: Restaurant de la Réserve by Jean Gilletta
02.24.15: Exposure: Berlin scene by Wolfgang Zurborn
02.17.15: Exposure: Mother and Child by Philip Jones Griffiths
02.10.15: Exposure: The Colossi of Memnon by Francis Bedford
02.03.15: Exposure: The Simulator by Dora Maar
01.27.15: Exposure: El Paso Street by Stephen Shore
01.20.15: Exposure: Rise Up You Are Free by Dominic Hawgood
01.13.15: Exposure: Striporama street scene by Vivian Maier
01.06.15: Exposure: Viktoria Modesta by Nadav Kander
12.11.14: Illustrations by Bohumil Štěpán for Crazy Fairy Tales
09.16.14: Posters by Hans Hillmann for Jean-Luc Godard’s Films
09.02.14: Tracking the Locations of J.G. Ballard’s Super-Cannes
07.28.14: The Mysteries of France:
A Gothic Guidebook

06.11.14: The Body as Factory: Anatomy of an Image
05.28.14: Rediscovering the Lost Art of the Typewriter
04.17.14: The Conceptual Advertising of J.G. Ballard
03.22.14: The Filmic Page: Chris Marker’s Commentaires
02.14.14: From the Archive: Surface Wreckage
02.04.14: Why Tatlin Can Never Go Home Again
01.13.14: The Compulsively Visual World of Pinterest
01.03.14: Martin Sharp: People, Politics and Pop
12.28.13: The Writings of William Drenttel
12.06.13: Martin Sharp: From Satire to Psychedelia
11.11.13: Collage Culture: Nostalgia and Critique
10.30.13: Belgian Solutions: The True State of Things?
10.15.13: From the Archive: Brian Eno, Artist of Light
10.10.13: New York: City of Spectacular Doors
09.16.13: Bohumil Stepan’s Family Album of Oddities
09.07.13: Bohumil Stepan’s Gallery of Erotic Humor
08.29.13: The Hotel that Dreamed It Was a Museum
08.22.13: Collage Now, Part 1: Sergei Sviatchenko
08.22.13: Collage Now, Part 2: Cut and Paste Culture
08.15.13: Keld Helmer-Petersen: Pioneer of Color
08.09.13: David Maisel and the Apocalyptic Sublime
07.29.13: Soft Machine’s Dysfunctional Mechanism
07.10.13: The Incidental Pleasures of Street Art
07.02.13: Inkahoots and Socially Concerned Design: Part 2
06.26.13: Inkahoots and Socially Concerned Design: Part 1
06.20.13: From the Archive: Upgrade Yourself!
06.02.13: The Irresistible Attraction of Self Storage
05.15.13: The Conceptual Posters of Boris Bucan
05.09.13: The Age of Wire and String Rebooted
04.27.13: On the Trail of The Eater of Darkness
04.08.13: The Practical Virtue of Works That Work
03.10.13: Utopian Image: Politics and Posters
03.05.13: On My Shelf: Fin de Copenhague
02.22.13: The Experiential Thrill of Driving in Films
02.15.13: A Dictionary of Surrealism and the Graphic Image
01.26.13: Herbert Spencer and The Book of Numbers
01.15.13: Socialism and Modernity: A Hidden History
01.03.13: On My Screen: Shooting the Past
12.09.12: Dom Sylvester Houédard’s Cosmic Typewriter
11.30.12: Herbert Spencer and the Decisive Detail
11.18.12: Robert Brownjohn: Photos at Street Level
10.23.12: True Stories: A Film about People Like Us
10.14.12: The Art of Punk and the Punk Aesthetic
10.05.12: The Museum of Communicating Objects
09.24.12: Demonstrations, Democracy and Design
09.15.12: Why the Activist Poster is Here to Stay
09.09.12: John Stezaker: Images from a Lost World
09.02.12: It’s Smart to Use a Crash Test Dummy
08.26.12: The Never-ending Struggle against Clutter
08.19.12: On My Shelf: André Breton’s Nadja
08.09.12: Sending Signals about Political Graphics
07.30.12: Pierre Faucheux and Le Livre de Poche
07.06.12: Brian Eno’s “Music for Films”
06.28.12: What Does Critical Writing Look Like?
06.18.12: Updating the Maps of Graphic Design History
06.07.12: On My Shelf: A History of the Machine
05.31.12: From the Archive: Graphic Metallica
05.23.12: Jan van Toorn: The World in a Calendar
05.15.12: The Strange Afterlife of Common Objects
05.02.12: Career Prospects in the Pain Business
04.26.12: Studio Culture: The Materialism of Matter
04.19.12: Phil Sayer, Designer of Photo-Portraits
04.13.12: The Closed Shop of Design Academia
04.06.12: The Enduring Influence of Richard Hollis
03.29.12: On Display: Museum of Broken Relationships
03.23.12: The Covers of J.G. Ballard’s Crash: An Update
03.09.12: Typographic Stories of the City Streets
03.02.12: Motif Magazine: The World Made Visible
02.26.12: John McHale and the Expendable Ikon
02.18.12: The Unspeakable Pleasure of Ruins
02.08.12: On My Shelf: A Classic by Berger and Mohr
01.31.12: The Evil Genius of David Shrigley
01.27.12: In Response to An Anatomy of Uncriticism
01.19.12: Ernst Haas and the Color Underground
01.09.12: Read All That? You Must be Kidding Me
01.01.12: On My Shelf: Jean-Luc Godard Anthologized
12.23.11: How We Learned to Live with Zombies
12.16.11: Saul Leiter and the Typographic Fragment
12.11.11: Another Design Voice Falls Silent
12.01.11: Man in a Bowler: Illustration after Magritte
11.25.11: How to Cover an Impossible Book
11.17.11: The Infinite Warehouse of Images
11.10.11: Literary Horror from the Chapman Brothers
11.03.11: This Post has Been Declared a Link-free Zone
10.28.11: On My Shelf: Continuum’s 33 1/3 Series
10.22.11: On Display: The Kirkland Museum
10.16.11: Did We Ever Stop Being Postmodern?
09.29.11: Should We Look at Corrosive Images?
09.22.11: Jan Svankmajer and the Graphic Uncanny
09.15.11: Richard Hamilton, the Great Decipherer
09.09.11: A Swedish Perspective on Critical Practice
09.01.11: Chris Foss and the Technological Sublime
08.25.11: On My Shelf: The Metallization of a Dream
08.17.11: Funerary Portraits: Snapshots in Stone
08.09.11: From the Archive: Raging Bull
08.02.11: From the Archive: Down with Innovation
07.27.11: Andrzej Klimowski: Transmitting the Image
07.21.11: J.G. Ballard’s Terminal Documents
07.13.11: The House That Design Journalism Built
07.06.11: The Dictionary as Art Concept
06.28.11: Speculative Fiction, Speculative Design
06.22.11: On the Threshold of Sebald’s Room
06.14.11: Lost Inside the Collector’s Cabinet
06.06.11: Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?
06.01.11: On My Shelf: Stefan Lorant’s Lilliput
05.26.11: A Dream World Made by Machines
05.19.11: Unearthly Powers: Surrealism and SF
05.10.11: Books Every Graphic Designer Should Read
05.07.11: Paul Stiff, the Reader’s Champion
04.28.11: On My Screen: The Back of Beyond
04.21.11: Wim Wenders’ Strange and Quiet Places
04.12.11: Stewart Mackinnon: Ruptured and Remade
04.07.11: Starowieyski’s Graphic Universe of Excess
04.01.11: Wim Crouwel: The Ghost in the Machine
03.25.11: An Unknown Master of Poster Design
03.18.11: Slicing Open the Surrealist Eyeball
03.11.11: What Does J.G. Ballard Look Like? Part 2
03.04.11: The Secret History of the Edgelands
02.22.11: On My Shelf: Richard Neville’s Playpower
02.15.11: Solitude in Dark Trees
02.10.11: A Journal with No Fear of Flying
02.04.11: What Does J.G. Ballard Look Like?
01.27.11: On My Shelf: Nairn’s London
01.23.11: Discovered by Chance in a Paris Arcade
01.14.11: In Praise of the East European Film Poster
01.10.11: Out of the Studio: Graphic Design History and Visual Studies
01.07.11: How to Chew Gum while Walking
12.30.10: Surrealism in the Pre-School Years
12.21.10: W.G. Sebald: Writing with Pictures
12.17.10: Everything has Become Science Fiction
12.16.10: Agency or Studio? The Dutch Design Dilemma
12.10.10: The Impossibility of an Island
12.03.10: On My Screen: Bill Morrison’s Decasia
12.01.10: Where Is Art Now?
11.22.10: Rethinking Conceptual Type Design
11.11.10: What Does H. P. Lovecraft Look Like?
11.05.10: Adventures in the Image World
11.05.10: Danzig Baldaev’s Prison House of Flesh
11.05.10: Design Writing from Down Under
11.05.10: On My Shelf: Surrealism Permanent Revelation
11.05.10: An App for the Self-Replacing Book
12.18.08: Barney Bubbles: Optics and Semantics
06.16.08: We Found It at the Movies: Part I
06.16.08: We Found It at the Movies: Part II
06.02.08: A Critical View of Graphic Design History
02.17.08: Lost America: The Flamingo Motor Hotel
04.03.07: Dancing to the Sound in Your Head
11.10.05: Emigre: An Ending
09.25.05: Where Are the Design Critics?
09.19.05: The Guardian’s New European Look
08.20.05: Sublime Little Tubes of Destruction
07.27.05: Vladimir’s House and Garden of Earthly Delights
07.01.05: We Are All Editors Now. Or Are We?
06.16.05: In Memoriam: My Manual Typewriter
06.03.05: Mevis and Van Deursen: Rueful Recollections, Recycled Design
05.20.05: But Darling of Course it’s Normal: The Post-Punk Record Sleeve
05.05.05: Getting Louder: Chinese Design on the March
04.24.05: Eduardo Paolozzi, 20th Century Image-Maker
04.05.05: Wisconsin Death Trip: A Psychic History
03.21.05: Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot
03.13.05: Why Architects Give Me the Willies
02.12.05: The Ikea Riot: Unsatisfied Excess?
01.09.05: The I.D. Forty: What Are Lists For?
11.11.04: Who's In and Who's Out of the Dictionary
10.29.04: Fear and Loathing at the Design Museum
07.31.04: Britain and America: United in Idiocy
07.03.04: Where are the Design Intellectuals?
06.06.04: Modernising MoMA: Design on Display
04.23.04: Critics and Their Purpose
04.17.04: Theory with a Small "t"
04.09.04: How to Say What You Mean
04.03.04: The Two Cultures of Design
03.21.04: Jan van Toorn: Arguing with Visual Means
02.28.04: Bruce Mau: The Aura of Power
02.11.04: Neville Brody Revisited
01.11.04: Stephen Gill: Behind the Billboard
12.21.03: Notes on Experimental Jetset
12.11.03: Adbusters in Anarchy
12.02.03: Remember Picelj
11.24.03: Missing Sleeve Notes
11.16.03: Unnecessary Revival
11.09.03: Those Inward-looking Europeans
11.02.03: It's a Man's World



Inside Job
Charles Ferguson

Blow Out
Brian De Palma

Songs from the Second Floor
Roy Andersson

Red Desert
Michelangelo Antonioni

COI/Mordant Music

Ace in the Hole
Billy Wilder

The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema
Slavoj Žižek